Tom Eltang Horn for sale.

I have come across a very beautiful estate piece by Tom Eltang. I was very fortunate to spend a little time with Tom at his workshop in Denmark a couple of years ago. Tom is a remarkable pipe maker. His energy and focus in quite amazing. He makes many pipes, and each one is masterful. I believe this Oliphunt shape, inspired by Bo Nordh, is Tom at his best.  If you are interested in this beauty, email me..

Lightly smoked, well cared for. Mint condition/Estate. One Star series/High Grade. Image

6 and 3/8 inches long, 2 inches wide, 2 inches tall, bowl 15/16ths diameter, 1 5/8 deep

More from Turkey…


One of the most intriguing places in Istanbul is the Blue Mosque. No matter how many times I walked or drove past, it demanded my attention. The stone wall in this photo is from ancient times, back when it was called Constantinople. Istanbul is an amazing city with an even more amazing story. From Crucifix’s to the Crescent Moon, so much of who we are today plays well with how this city became what it has become. 

One night I was walking near the Blue Mosque and smelled a familiar scent. It was latakia. I walked toward where I thought it was coming from but never saw anyone smoking a pipe. I did notice many cigarette smokers. I kept walking and came upon some Bavarian tourist. They were waiting in line for coffee. I decided to have a cup of this very strong muddy liquid so unlike Starbucks. By the time I left Turkey I had grown very fond of it. After a bit of small talk over our steaming brew, I pulled out a pipe and loaded it with my recently acquired Balkan Sobranie, Joseph, from Bavaria, asked to smell the tobacco. “Ahhh, this is very much like what my grandpa smoked.” I lit up and they all lit up their cigarettes. If I recall correctly, they were smoking Dunhill Reds. A young Turkish man walked by smoking a hand rolled cigarette and it hit me why I was smelling Latakia, it was in the Turkish mans cigarette. At least, it smelled very much like it. 



We finished our coffee and they invited me to join them for dinner. We had a wonderful time eating Lamb Kabob, drinking Raki, and smoking the Hookah. 


Playing the new tunes..

My band played a few tunes this past Saturday at a little gathering of friends here in Oxford. It was good to be playing with Jeff again. One hour of mostly new songs, with a few from the album thrown in. We like playing the new ones..  Image

There was a friend of mine at the gathering who collects Jody Davis pipes. We talked about some of Jody’s latest work. “He’s simply amazing”, said Corey.